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About the Label
Near by Music is really a collective of friends. The bands were all doing their own things - gigging, recording, etc., but at some point in late 1999 Geech of Capital City said, "well, if we're all gonna put stuff out, we might as well put a common name on it to show that we're bigger than one band alone. Maybe then people will be less likely to throw our discs in the trash when they receive them". And Near by Music was born.

Needless to say, Near by Music is totally diy. Would that it would be otherwise, but we don't have any money to hire anyone to do anything. If you want to volunteer to hock our stuff to the masses, though, just let us know; we'll come up with something.

You may find that these releases are impossible to find in your local record stores. Well, you're probably right. We have no real distribution. So, your best bet is to buy at or through us directly. carries everything we put out, but sometimes, if a band is interested, cds are occasionally distributed to big sites like and

Attention to bands - you are highly discouraged from sending in demos. Although we love music, we have never signed anyone and have no money. Sorry to sound harsh, but that's the way it is.

For people who dig what the bands do, our sincerest and warmest thanks. This operation exists on a day-to-day level and your care is the one thing that keeps us a-rockin.


- the Near by People