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Capital City - Am I InvisibleCapital City - Am I Invisible
NbyM06 cd

"Grade: A
Excellent indie pop / folk from this Boston based trio! The "acoustic twang" that they like to refer to in their own description of what Capital City sounds like is definitely present throughout the disc, which is solid for the length of these 11 tracks. The vocals are laid back and smooth, the music is solid and always interesting and the songs themselves are fantastic, the kind that get stuck in your head at work and you can't wait to come home to throw on this record and unwind. A great record through and through." - Geek America

Tracks: This Town Won't Be The Same - White Hands - I'll Think Of Something - Whistleblower - The Weak Are Getting Srong - Council Emissary - Receiving / Daydreaming - So Upset - What I Became - Growing Up Too Fast - Drift Away
Recorded by Brian Brown at Fort Apache
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Capital City - The Sound / National LandmarkCapital City - The Sound / National Landmark
NbyM05 - 7" gold vinyl

A single in the classic sense, with a jump-outta-your-seat rocker on the A side and an introspective slow number on the B side. "The Sound" will make you want to shake it and "National Landmark" will make you wonder if you can take it.

"I like what I hear from Capital City. They are tight, and they merge their influences of 60's and 70's pop with modern sensibilities perfectly." - Delusions of Adequacy

Tracks: The Sound - National Landmark
Recorded by Tony Goddess at Bang a Song
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The Dormouse Choir - Tonight We Drink With OrphansThe Dormouse Choir - Tonight We Drink With Orphans
NbyM04 - cd/ep

"It sounds simultaneously like music that hasn't been heard in decades, and music that's never been heard quite this way before, not even from alt-country bands drawing upon similar sources. What's also impressive is the sheer range of the compositions. Each song has its own very distinct feel, whether it's the rollicking "Cartoon Wedding," the multi-sectioned "Luau," the alternately bright and woozy "Cry Me a Liver," the almost funky "Please Sir," or the singsong hallucinations of "Unquiet Grave." With such consistently fascinating variation, it's easy to speculate that Tonight We Drink With Orphans would have been a richly rewarding full-length. As it stands, it's an extremely promising debut, albeit frustratingly short." - All Music Guide

Tracks: Cartoon Wedding - Luau - Cry Me a Liver - Please Sir - Unquiet Grave
Recorded by Tony Goddess at Bang a Song and Orrin Anderson at Dos Gatos
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The Solar SaturdayThe Solar Saturday
NbyM03 - cd/ep

"Like a piece of your favorite candy, this ep from The Solar Saturday leaves you wanting more. The four songs aren't enough to satisfy an indiepop craving especially with songs this catchy. The bossanova sound of "amrc" suggests that the band is capable of going beyond the indiepop genre if they chose to do so. Fans of the Apples in Stereo and Papas Fritas should enjoy this disc." - Pop Culture Detox

Tracks: City on the Ocean - AMRC - Two Minds - K*2
Recorded by Chris Colthart at the Orange Garrett, with help from Tony Goddess and Keith Gendel
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Capital City - Start Your Own CountryCapital City - Start Your Own Country
NbyM02 - cd/ep

"This is mostly acoustic, with wonderful male-female harmonies and some back-and-forth sing-a-longs. They definitely get a groove going.... steady drums keep the rhythm steppin' along and the guitar leaves hints of rock 'n' roll in its wake, but it stays in a perfect state of being slightly subdued. Only four songs long, this release makes you kind of wonder how an lp would be. The last song is beautiful, with the piano and female vocals just touching the edge of your heart. I feel peaceful." - The Big Takeover

Tracks: How to Start Your Own Country - To and Fro - Coming Home - You Went Astray
Recorded by Orrin Anderson at Dos Gatos
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